What’s upp

Hello world! What’s up?

In my last post some people wrote me back really nice things 🙂 it really made me feel happy!

Well, someone asked me about my modeling stuff and here it is: I’ve been doing some jobs here in my city which has been really cool, and for this year I’m not gonna try to go abroad (as I told in another post that I had this opportunity) because of school, but one I get into a university I will try it again, but this month I have a meeting at the international agency in São Paulo and it scares me because I need to lose weigh (and I’m already too skinny).

Ive been tooo stressed with school. This is my last year and I’m studying my ass off. It’s winter break and I keep studying, I just can’t stop because I feel that I haven’t studied enough and it sucks!!! But I really hope I pass in the exams in the end of this year. It’s all for today 🙂 

And btw, I’m gonna post the link of my blog soon and I hope to hear what do you guys think 🙂

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  1. Waiting for the link! I literally logged in just to see if you had made another entry.
    July 3 and it’s winter break… where in the beginning July average temperature was roughly 35 C.

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