I was going to talk about my day.. But I changed my mind 

All I really care about is my girlfriend 

She goes through alot, I don’t want to go in detail for her privacy but I wish I can do more about it.  She sad and hates her life and I try to make her happy, do anything I can to make her smile. And I do but sometimes I think I’m not doing a lot.  I know exactly what she’s feeling because I feel the same way. That’s why as soon as I can I want to move out with her, start our life together so I can be close to her and make her as happy as I can. I can’t change what happened in the past, but Ima make sure every day will be the greatest of her life.  I sometimes don’t know why I act like this, I put her in front of everything she’s always on my mind, but that’s what happens when you really love someone ^ω^. I dont like it when she’s sad,  whenever she is I just want to get her and hug her as long as I can. I know she wants me to be with her all time time and trust me I do too but we’re still underage so we can’t live together…..yet cx. Although sometimes shes a smart ass and she gives me a gray hair lol.  I love her with a burning passion. Im lucky enough to have her and I will never let her go……… ever♡.

Das it


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