i wish you knew how i felt, i wish you understood what you have done to me, you have physicaly broke me down as a person. Theyve changed my anti depresants today but you are the only thing i crave to make me better. however You would rather break me down enough to where I feel like I’m unwanted,to where I can’t breathe because I’m choking on the poison you give me. But that makes you feel good right? you love having a hold over me. After all you said ‘you owned me’ and you do.
 i finally thought i got the closure i needed, you apolagised for hiting me, for cheating on me for abusing me all together then you told me you loved me and kissed my forhead, i felt like all the pain in the world had gone away. To then have it all crashing down when you chose her over me again.To just sit there and watch me choke and suffer in pain while you just sat there And smiled at me and treat me as if I was being desperate or easy. You.You are the definition of mentally deranged.You are cruel.You are My worst heartbreak. And i hate you with every piece of me
you said you loved me, and i belived you
you said you was sorry and again, i belived you
 you are poisen,i like the poisen you give me,even tho its bad. i would take all the bad just for the good. for you must love me right? other wise you wouldnt of told me?

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