July-3-2016💥My Day, myself,and my Dad

So today was okay. My days not 100% over, but i probably wont be able to write this later… But anyways. Yesterday, my cousin/tia (idek) came over and slept in my room with me, so i couldnt play any games. And i saw my bf for a few minutes. We went to a little thing for the my dad’s gf’s fam. Then we are suppose to go see a movie rn. I dont even want to go anymore. I was so excited to see it, but now i feel like crap :/ We were thinking about going to see the movie at the VP, but he suddenly changed his mind to see it at the EHM. So my dad got mad and me while my tia/cousin and his gf were there. He was about to call me something similar to a fuck up, but he knew there was an audience so he didnt. “I cant do anything right, I know.”

I really hate my life. Sometimes i regret coming to live with my dad. Hes such an asshole when no one is around. But hes better than my mom, or was. Now theyre kinda the same, maybee my mom a bit worse, but slightly. The only difference is that my mom would actually hit me in the past. But since their divorce, shes become the more peaceful one, while my dad isnt afraid to get a bit violent. Like they switched roles. But my scared ass cant leave or standup for myself. I dont want to hurt his feelings, and i have other reasons as well… I hate it here. There isnt really physical abuse, but quite a bit of emotional, i guess you could say. Always calling me stupid or worthless. I bet if i didnt “look like him” he would insult my looks too. I dont like him deep inside, but im not really a hateful person. Its hard to talk good about the man whos made you cry multiple times, more than ways ive made myself cry. Hes done alot of things to me and my puppy, but ill probably disclose those things in another entry. I jist cant. Welp, i jist got home, and im tired. Gonna sleep…



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