My journal for Sunday

I was too tired to write a journal last night. So I’m writing this on Monday on 4th of July. I had a great day yesterday with my colleagues. It was a last minute change of the plan for Anton’s birthday party but it ended up great.

Got up around 12 PM and get a message from Jolie about the birthday party. Jolie and Jeff came to pick me up at 3 PM and I was able to do my laundry before they come. We went to driving range at K-town and spent about an hour hitting the balls 😉 It’s been a while for me to do this and it was lots of fun. Then we drove to Outback in Burbank and had a birthday dinner for Anton. Most of us ended up at Jeff and Jolie’s place for couple more drinks and playing games. Ended up staying there till 1:30 AM and walked back to home since it’s a block away from me.

I had a such a great time getting to know people and playing games.

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