the love of sibings will out live any other love.

Some people’s mum’s are their best friend. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones who ended up with a useless mum but there’s one good thing that came out of it and that’s my siblings. I would risk my life for any of them. The two older and the three younger are my entire universe, i am so eternally grateful for them all to belong to me, we share a love like no other..

My older sister is my best friend, my mentor, my inspiration, my heart, my everything. I truly could not exist without her in my life. So blessed to have her and I thank God for her every single day of my life. Having someone you can confide in is the best feeling in the world, it’s almost a ‘safe feeling’ its strange to explain.  My older brother is also a kind of mentor to me yet he doesn’t know it. Hes been one of the important men in my life from day one and i love him with evey piece of my body, i love every annoying thing about him( even his terrets)  because they are part of his journey and an affect of everything he has been through. All three of us together have always been a team, an undestructable team i some times feel like i take them for granted however as im getting older i am surely realising they are the best things that ever came out of my life and i will treasure every second i spend with them.

The youngest three are our little terros. like seriously the oldest of the youngest is such a little shit, his attitude is terrible but what can i expect with a sister like me hehe, he is slowly realising now vindictive that mother of ours is and he is slowly repeling against her too, he is a handsome little man who wants to be a fireman haha! the middle and the youngest my sister and other brother are just developing into their shells, there persanalitys are inspiring and they are so beautifull. what ever they decide to do, wherever they decide to go they will always have there three older siblings protecting them because after all, thats what where here for.

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