Day 130 – Progress

Tuesday, July 5th 2016

I woke up with this sort of weird dream inception where I was going back to sleep to continue a dream and in my dream I was trying to go to sleep to continue another dream.

Other than that weird morning, by the time I got to my computer, I practiced a lot of hiragana. I finished hiragana, I just now have to learn it by heart. I can recognize them if I think hard enough and I can replicate a few by memory, but not all, so I have to do that (if only I remembered to write down the hiragana by memory every day to remember, I would have remembered them all by now). I also gotta try to not do it in order, because I seem to remember things in order and not by themselves.

Other than that, Shadow of Mordor. I’ve been trying to stay away from it, but it’s the only video game I got (well, only 3D video game that I haven’t played many times). I’ve been doing side missions at least and not allowing myself to continue the story line, because of being a little bored by repeatedly playing, it would ruin my experience with the game if I continue the story. I should try This War of Mine again to get my mind off it.

My dad offered to go to Michael’s at some point to pick up some markers, but I decided not to go, because he asked me around an hour ago and I’m tired.

I started reading fanfiction again to get into the mood of writing. So far I’m in the Harry Potter theme and a little into Sherlock. Harry Potter just has so much more potential for a story, cause it includes a lot of different environments (Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, muggle world, etc.) and the fact that anything can happen in the wizarding world leaves open doors for new ideas and new subjects that aren’t real in the original series, but acceptable if applied correctly in your own story.

That’s all for today.

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