I am a single mom…looking for a way to make some extra money on the internet.  To make ends meet.  

  I really am not looking to make a million $$$ in 2 weeks…I just want to make a couple of bucks for the little extra’s that come up.  To be able to pay for my kids…video games…and maybe take them out for dinner once in a while?    

It seems like everything they want to do in school cost money…and we aren’t talking about $10.00 or not even $50.00…but more like $150.00 to as high as $700.00 to take special school sponsored trips…my oldest son…took wrestling this past year…and that set me back a whopping $250. bucks…just for shoes and other items…that I won’t mention…for fear of embarrassing  him…LOL…   

Now,  I have a job…that pays our needs and even affords me to save a little…but with 2 growing teenage boys…I could go through my savings in a heart beat…one trip to the doctor’s or one heart set on doing a certain activity.   They sacrifice a lot…and they are great boys…and are willing to help out whenever they can.  

I know that I am one of the lucky ones and I am not complaining….     

All I am asking is that you try this link and help me make my boys not have to say “NO I can’t go, we don’t have the money”…you don’t have to do what is on the web site…just click on it…that is all I am asking.   

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