Relaxing Day

Today has been very relaxing, after a couple days of sub training and pleasing my Master he was kind enough to let me relax and recharge today. I was ordered to wear my plug tonight when I go into work. I know it’s a way for Master to give me a constant reminder that I am owned. 

I’m sore and tender but I will do whatever Master desires, that’s what a good sub does. I know Master is kind but he also needs to make sure I always know what my role is and to always obey his commands. He is a kind, caring, and loving Master, but I do know he also has to be firm and in control at all times. 

Today I’ve also been working on school stuff, I officially start my 2 classes tomorrow. I’m excited to be back in school but also anxious because I know one of my classes is going be to challenging . I know I’ll be able to handle it, or least I hope I will lol. 



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