Roped & Bound on the 4th of July

Today has been interesting and definitely a Fourth of July to remember! Master wanted to take another step today, he ordered me to bind my breast with rope. Since I am a good obedient sub I did as ordered. It’s something I have never done before and I have to say it is again one of those things that is pleasurable yet painful. I like the look and feel the binding does to my breasts, it makes them even more sensitive then they already are. On the other hand it makes them sore and ache, ache to be set free, to have relief from their torturous restriction. 

I also was ordered to wear my rope thong again today, but with an adjustment made. I was to tie knots in the same spot until it was the size of a golf ball. Then I was to coat it was toothpaste and insert it into my hole. The rest of the rope was tied tight between my legs and around my waist. I have never felt such amazing sensations! Master knows just how to drive his sub crazy!

I also got a small introduction to punishment, not that I did anything wrong, Master just wanted to give me a taste of what could happen if I disobey or upset him. I will admit when he told me I was going to experience punishment I was nervous, not knowing what was coming had me on edge. I’m not afraid of Master, I know any punishment he hands down will not seriously hurt me or endanger me. It is just corrective punishment, to teach a lesson, to help keep me obedient. 

I even had a small part in choosing my punishment, although I didn’t know how my choices were going to affect me. I had to pick a number between 3 and 6 then a number between 10 and 29. I chose 4 and 11, I will confess, I chose the smallest numbers I thought would be acceptable because I had no idea what was in store. For my punishment lesson I had to take a wooden spoon and give my vagina 4 sets of 11 smacks, starting out with moderately hard smacks slowly increasing the smacks harder and harder. At first it was nice, a pleasant and arousing feeling, but as I got to the 4th set I lost track of the amount of times I was suppose to smack. The pain wasn’t unbearable, truth be told I could’ve endured more. It was a mix of stinging and arousal I was feeling, I got lost in the act of being smacked hard in a very sensitive spot.

Since I was such a good obedient sub Master rewarded me, yay! He allowed me to relieve my sexual frustration and boy did I explode! I know the explosion was a combination of pent up frustration but also from all the commands Master has ordered me to do lately. I know these commands are for his enjoyment and pleasure, but at the same time it does give me pleasure and drives me to the brink.


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