The right place, the right time.

That’s all it takes.

When you’re growing up you envision this world totally different from how it actually is, and when you grow up you slowly realize being an adult is kind of crappy. 

Living takes money

money takes work

everything you want to do with your life you don’t have either the money or time for (sometimes both) and the cycle continues.

Balance is hard to find. 

Once you have the time for somethin you want you’re so drained from work that you don’t have the energy to go do it. 

Not that I would want to, but I understand why some people would check out. 

Who determined a 40 hour work week is full time? I think it’s ridiculous. You would work 40 hours a week to pay for a house you mostly sleep in… Spend more time at work than watching your children grow up or spending time with your spouse…

maybe im just feeling complainy… 


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