Beaches excite all. I also find beaches extremely soothing and relaxing. I can sit by the beachesfor endless hours in the silence of the shores. To me, the waves look fun as well as innocent. The clear blue sky with beautifully shining sun and singing of the birds make me feel close to nature. A Holiday on a beach is my dream holiday of all times because it gives me maximum relaxation and enjoyment. I can opt for Beach Holidays for end number of times. It is not just soothing to sit by the beautiful waves but also there is a lot of water sports that a person can enjoy while onbeaches. It is a mix of peacefulness and rocking. Sun rays never feel so energizing as on the beaches.


At the beaches, I find the beauty of nature at its best. The majority of people has beaches as their favourite place for trips. I go to the beach to get rid of all my tensions and worries. I can sit there in the sun for hours and if feel hot then I am just a few steps away from the cool ocean. Feeling waves is something but to hear the sound of waves is extremely soothing. If one has to experience the true beauty of nature then beaches are the place to be. Here nature embraces a person. Not just above sea but also one can experience the beauty of marine life beneath the sea. There are guides who can help you get amidst the oceanic creatures. Heaven on earth is the beaches to me.

Apart from peaceful and relaxing mode one can also get to enjoy various recreational activities on beaches. There is so much to do at beaches that make a holiday more exciting and fun. Water sports in the ocean, playing volleyball or Frisbee with friends on the shore or just lying on a hammock with drinks and relaxing under the sun. One can get to enjoy all these things on a beach and that is why beach holiday is most exciting holidays to me.


For all those who are fond of seafood would love to spend their leisure time by the beaches. Seafood has great health benefits with utterly delicious taste. They are present in a wide variety for you to enjoy like scaled fish, shell, lobsters, prawns, crabs and loads more with perfect wine that is good as appetizers. It is a mix of taste and health because seafood is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins that help in brain development and reproduction and many other functions in a human body. If you too are seafood lover then a holiday at the beaches would be your personal favourite too. In short, there is a lot to experience at sea beaches. Not only the serenity of nature but also awesome sea food, various recreational activities and many evening parties can be enjoyed in

bars by the beaches can be enjoyed by the tourists. Do make a plan for a beach holiday to

experience heaven on earth.

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