I love going to the movies.  When I was growing up my dad would take us to the drive in theater. As a kid I thought the drive in theater was the best.  I guess I didn’t notice the heat in the summer when my mom, dad, and my three brothers and I would be packed into the car like sardines. 

In the winter the windows would fog up so much that my mom and dad would have to wipe down the windows in order for us to see the movie through the windshield.  

I remember the crackling of the speaker.  It didn’t matter where we parked we always seemed to get the speaker that had static. You would hang that speaker from your window and when it was time to leave after the movie my dad would start to drive off and forget that the speaker was still hanging from the window. Ops, that could be why there was static. 

Before we would go to the movie my mom would make popcorn and put it in a brown shopping bag. She then put the butter and salt in the bag and then she would shake it up to coat all the popcorn evenly. We loved the taste and smell of that popcorn. It was so much better than the kind you get at the movie theaters now.

My dad would fill the cooler with sodas, water, and beer for himself of course. We never bought sodas or refreshments at the drive in. My parents were on a tight budget so if you wanted to eat something you made sure to bring it from home. Or if you did want to buy an ice cream or candy at the theater you had to have your own money, don’t ask for any money.

I remember the first time my dad ever took up to a walk in theater.  I was in awe of sitting on those nice seats, looking up at the huge screen. The sound coming from those speakers was perfect. Even my mom who was hard of hearing could hear what the actors were now saying. The film that we saw that night was a James Bond movie.  I was probably  nine or ten when I saw that movie.  I know now that James Bond movies can have a lot of sex and violence in them, but at age nine or ten I must not have noticed anything but the action going on.

My dad never did take us to any Walt Disney movies. Kids my age were seeing all those cute cartoon stories and I was watching Vincent Price in the House Of The Seven Gables, westerns with John Wayne, and endless war films. I didn’t even know there were such things as cartoon movies.

I was 21 and married when I saw Bambi for the first time.  I then headed to the theater to see all those sweet Walt Disney films after that.  Those stories made you smile and cry. Yes I cried watching most of those stories.

Today I went to see the new movie BFG.  I cried. I smiled, I laughed. It was a movie that made you feel. The little girl in the movie had the biggest brown eyes, eyes full of wonder and hope. The BFG had such a cute smile, and laugh. His facial expressions tugged at my heart.  

I listened to the girl in the seat behind me laughing, which in turn made me laugh even more.  It is so delightful to hear how children respond to movies.

My son and I tried to take his three children to see Angry Birds. His son will be 5 in December, his daughter is 3 and the baby just turned 1 at the end of June. The two oldest kids sat through the movie, except for the two times that daddy had to take them for a run to the bathroom.  I was able to watch the first 15 minutes of the movie then the baby started making his noises. He wasn’t crying he was trying to play and screech.

I took the baby out in the stroller and walked him around until he fell asleep then I went back to see the movie.  I was able to see the last 10 minutes of it. I was one frustrated old bird when I headed home.

When Finding Dory came out my son wanted to try taking all three kids again. This time he didn’t have the stroller. This time the baby started getting loud and fussy the first 5 minutes into the movie.  I carried him out and had to entertain him for over an hour. He screeched and played that entire time in the lobby. My son swore the is not bringing the baby after this because it is just too hard.

I went to see the movie that film about the civil war.  I took my mom who is going to be 88 this year. She loved everything about it. She said she just never wanted it to end.  I too thought it was wonderful.

I had gone to see Kevin Hart and The Rock.  I love any Kevin Hart movies.  He is so funny. Just looking at his facial expressions that he makes make me start laughing. The Rock, I just love looking at him. I might be a 63 year old grannie but we can still look you know.

The next movie I am waiting for is the Ghost Busters.  I know it won’t be like the old one. No one can replace the old one but this new one should be fun to watch.

Now that I am retired I have more time to see more movies, but I find I am also more picky about the ones that I see.  I was going to go see Independence Day but my son told me it was getting bad reviews so I will opt to rent it went it gets to Red Box.

I can no longer take my own popcorn to the movies but I still sneak in my bottle of water and a candy once in a while.  I’m on a budget I can’t afford those high prices of drinks and candy at the movie so I have to bring my own.

Go see BFG it was a wonderful movie.

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  1. You have so much fun! I can read it in every line you write. So lovely. You’ve seen more Movies then me, even those that came out of late! I need an update I see. I love seeing Movies too.

    I’m thinking about bringing something homemade too when seeing a movie, the candy, the soda and the ticket is near to be a month budget!

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