2 thoughts on “Runaway”

  1. If you ran away from a loving girl, what are you running from, dear fellow? What is chasing you away from the things that make you happy, like your pets. Try to think this one through. I pray God will guide you to whatever is the right choice for you. He knows the answer, I don’t. Bless you.

  2. I don’t think God will guide you. You need to help yourself in this situation. It sounds like you’re depressed and trust me, I have been there. You do go numb, your self-esteem takes a beating, you want to withdraw from everything. You need to go home and see your doctor. You need to talk to your girlfriend and tell her how your feeling. If you don’t, you’ll continue running and will end up lost. It’s easier to get help now than later down the line. You are deserving of care and attention, your family and your girlfriend love you and will help you through this.

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