Tuesday, 7/5/16, 9:44pm, home

Slept in today.  Until almost 9.  Got up and went to HPER. Meditated. For 2 minutes extra too, my new phone is tricky. Didn’t  have enough time to finish my workout.  Went to KT for lunch, then an individual with Fujimoto.  Then I went back to HPER to finish workout.  Well, first I sat and finished a translation for mom’s colleague.  Then I finished my workout. Then I went to CB’s yin class at NT.  The music made me really sad. Like, REALLY sad.  

I went home and made some food for Gabe, who was stoned out of his mind. Then I went to chosen family dinner at Karen and Larry’s.  We had gazpacho and duck egg custard pie.  It was really fun and I met some cool new people.

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