July 7

Goodness at times I think of this thing to write about or that thing…then I have time to write and my mind is a blank.

I can say with certainty this has not been a good week.  Maybe in reality it isn’t so bad, but not good for sure. 

We made it thru the holiday and for me that is as much as it gets now, this year anyhow.  I just missed mom and I was remembering how sick she was a year ago.  It was hard. We did a family dinner at the other house on Sunday.  It rained so I cooked the hamburgers and Joyce the hot dogs inside. The food was very good and always good to be a part of the family.  Just us sibs, my bf and my nephew and wife.


On the fourth I went to lunch with sibs and my nephew’s wife…then we (not my bro) went to the parade.  It was far more fun than I had anticipated. It was cloudy but no rain so it was cool.  Watching BF in parade was fun, he was on the bicentennial float and looked to be having a swell time.

Then I took a nap.


Tuesday I was supposed to work, but took a day off, now I have literally used every day I can till October!  (because the rest go to my vacation week before Labor day).  I just couldn’t bear to go to work.  And I was so, so freaking tired.  I am always tired it seems, tired in my soul, tired in my body, bone weary. Anyhow Tuesday was a nice little day.  I slept all morning.  Went to lunch, slept all afternoon went to dinner and read in between.  You would think all that rest that returning to work would be a snap but not the case.  The weather has been gray and gloomy which suits my mood to a tee.  But both days it was hell getting out of bed. Yesterday I got caught in a thunderstorm so bad I pulled over at a truck stop and waited it out…so working till 8:30 I only got two hours overtime.  Today…caught in traffic so I’m staying till 9:00 p.m. to get three hours extra.  The thing is I am HATING my job so much that I can barely stomach being here at all.  But then I think…I feel like crap and I am TRAPPED there till 6:00 anyhow, why not work till 9:00 and get time and a half, it’s not like I’m happy anywhere.

So that is my whiney life.  Just feeling overwhelmed, over tired and over sad.


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  1. You sound like you need some really good rest. Your day off was wonderful, wasn’t it? I wish you had a job you liked better. You work so HARD! and long hours. I hope you feel better soon, dear. I will say a prayer for you right now.

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