My Wednesday journal

Skated to work as usual; Work was good. I spent most of time adding some placeholder content on the wireframe for the meeting tomorrow. I figured it will be more effective with come placeholder content to give people some idea how it will be designed at the end.

Lunch at the Baja Fresh with Danilo and Linna. Also had a coffee break with April later. I still want to spend more time to get close to all the people I work with because I believe having a good relationship with colleagues will help me produce better result.

I got out of the office at 6 PM. I just needed to change the environment to finish my writing about the dashboard. I skated back to home, took a shower and walked to the Starbucks around my place to finish up the article. It’s in a horrible stage now. I actually feel embarrassed to share it with others lol. I’m going to spend rest of the day revising the blog article I wrote at work.

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