Wednesday, 7/6/16, 10:32pm, home in bed

Today I went to Wayne for work.  When I got there, I went up to the 2nd floor and asked the sheriff’s deputy if the courtroom at the top of the stairs was district court.  His demeanor suddenly changed.  His face curled up in anger and he said, “Yes, can I HELP you?”  I just pointed at myself and said, “Spanish interpreter,” and walked on into the courtroom and sat down.  He paced by the door a few times, mean muggin me.  I just smiled.  I have no idea. Did he think I was from the press?  Is he a woman hater?  Stranger hater?  I don’t get it.  

I interpreted for a sentencing for a first degree sexual assault that Kelly & Caden had done the trial for. Then later I had a prove-up.  All of the ladies there were nice to me, which surprised me.  The judge was a stiff, paternalistic disciplinarian.  And way too young of a dude to be so. 

I hauled ass back to Omaha for my 1pm immigration case, but was still 10 minutes late.  My case was in front of a detail televideo judge in detained.  Evans, I think was his hame.  Attorney IV was defense.  He asked for a continuance because he said his hearing was moved up from august and it didn’t leave him enough time to gather evidence and statements.  Judge ripped him a new one and threw the book at him.  But REALLY ripped him a new one.  It was a different style than what I am used to. But of course, he granted the continuance.

I ran home and changed and then went to the gym.  I meditated first and then did my work out. Then I stopped at Patrick’s for broccoli salad and chicken salad before heading over to NT to teach my classes.  Marley was working the front desk. I haven’t seen her for a while and it was really good to see her. I asked her about Brexxit.  It has really deeply impacted her and she shared things about it that vastly deepened my understanding of it.  

I had one lively new student in silks. She was chatty, lighthearted and fun.  Vicki and Becky came to hammock. We had a good time.  Then I went grocery shopping at WF.  Got a text from MM that B went to her class with T.


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