5 years from now

I bumped into a question ” Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”.

I envision myself to be living in a foreign country, somewhere far away from here. Canada, preferably. But any other English speaking country would be fine actually. Why Canada, you ask? 1. Someone I love lives in Canada, even though the feeling is not mutual, but I want to at least see him one time before I die. 2. Canada is a multicultural country that welcomes anyone. 3. Canada is safe, you don’t see news about guns incidents happening there. 4. The government seems to be doing a good job maintaining the economy and politics. 5. The Rockies!

I also picture myself doing something like creating art, painting, photography and such. Or ,doing voluntary work to support a cause that I believe in.

Oh, and I so hope that by then I am already legally divorced and living a new life with my kiddos.

Fingers crossed!



One thought on “5 years from now”

  1. Canada sounds like such a nice place to go. I went on vacation there once and I loved the little bit that I saw. Hopefully you will be able to live there someday soon.
    5 years from now I will be that much closer to collecting my full social security money. Right now I have to spend the next 7 years living on a fixed income so I am looking forward to eventually having more money some day.

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