a few starting things



i don’t want to work on weight loss, simply to “lose weight”…although that alone will help some things for me.  but i want to make the weight loss about my “health” and “feeling better” too.

so….i looked a few things up.  right now, my biggest issue and probably most dangerous one, is my blood pressure.  that should be addressed first.  i currently take two  medications for my blood pressure, and they barely keep my numbers under control.  when i say barely, i mean….only sometimes.  i have alot of spikes.  but also…both medications make me feel like shit when it comes to head aches, tiredness, and lack of sex drive.

when i looked up natural remedies for blood pressure, i found some interesting info about how well garlic works….and for a host of other things as well.  in fact….i couldn’t find anything negative about adding a garlic supplement to my day.  but when one article said that it’s been proven in some studies to work as well as one of the meds i am on….i was sold.

the goal….to get the garlic in my system, and hope it works well enough to eventually take the place of the one med.  but of course, this is just one aspect of the fight i’m beginning, and it’s just taking a pill.  (i could add more garlic to my meals, but at this stage in my life, i do not cook every nite anymore, and i don’t think i’ll get enough to make it count…which is why i am choosing the supplement.) 

the one diet change i’m beginning today….to have either a salad or a fruit and veggie smoothie every day.  i am choosing to add this to my day, before i start removing things, because i know me, and when i start taking away things that i like, i never stick to the plan.  depriving myself NEVER works, so if i’m to keep it “real”…i have to acknowledge that.

the HOPE with adding these two things to my daily diet, is that they will fill me more with good things to be less hungry for the bad stuff.  however, even if that doesn’t happen, i will be getting more “good” stuff in me.

onto exercise.  as i said, i’m trying to keep this real, so right off the bat, i HATE exercise.  with a passion, i hate it.  i hate exertion, and i hate sweating.  i will never be one of those people who loves it all.  so…while i’ve been working so hard on ideas for this change i’m taking on, i KNOW that exercise has to play a part.  but it has to be “my” way.  it has to be fairly easy, but productive and effective.  so, i’ve chosen two things to do each day.  one is push ups.  i chose this, because a push up is a full body work out.  every part of you is being used during a push up.  i’ve started with 10 a day, which sounds like nothing, but it’s more than i’ve been doing, and i’m out of shape, so even 10 is tough.  and of course, the HOPE is to increase as i move forward.  the other thing i want to do “bits” of…is yoga/pilates.  i don’t think much explanation for my choosing this is neccessary, but i will say that you do most of the beginning exercises either sitting down or laying down, and that works for me!

so….i’ve made the beginning of this journey about ADDING things, instead of taking things away, and i’ve never approached it this way before.  i’ve added the garlic supplement, the salad and smoothie, and very low key exercises, which by the way….i can do in front of the t.v. if i so choose.  (anything to make it seem more enjoyable).

three things.  that’s it.  three very simple things.  on my mark….get set….go.


P.S.  in one week, i will weigh in again…but not before that.  and i won’t think about taking any foods out of my diet until i’m comfortable with the changes i just added.  one week at a time.  that’s how i’m taking it.

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