A T-Boy with cat ears? Huh?!

First and foremost I would like to say that I am a T-Boy. I am a girly-boy, I am a femboy, a crossdresser, a dragqueen, the list goes on. I am a transgender male. I still remember coming out to myself before I did to my own mother. It took a long, ..long time for me to accept. To realize, to make sense of. But when I did I knew it was the truth. It made things from my past make sense. Heck, it made me make sense! And man did it feel good. Getting to the part about actually coming out to my other was the hardest. It was a give-and-take situation. Although my ma is usually very relaxed and is very open minded. Even though she kept me on a leash but let me have a choice growing up, to learn from my mistakes, to even experience.. I had no idea how she would react to this and that worried me. After being on the internet and researching about everything on Transgender folk I could get my hands on for months… After getting pep talks from online friends (I have none in physical form).. I did it. I walked out of my bedroom, entered my mothers and just let it slip out. It felt good to say but it was scary. Little did I know it was only the beginning, I was in for a roller coaster. Soon my whole family found out. Moving to almost half a year later, most of my family knows but not really know. You know? My mother seems to get the idea, in a way. My grantie (great aunt) has helped me tremendously. My great aunt is basically a modern day hippie, she’s got a husband and two sons (also a cat!). She helped me get my first binder, she helped me set up doctor appointments and go shopping for clothes. I remember buying male hair shampoo/condiner with my mother. That change made me almost want to burst into tears. Sadly, that was all back before we moved (Ma and I). Now I live with my grandparents, my ma and both my uncles. My grams brother lives next door but leaves fairly often to his other house someplace. Sorry, I’m getting sidetracked. Since I can’t handle having a job yet, I’ve only just recently surpassed my life long depression (*pats myself on the back*), my paranoia and anxiety are still there. My chance of getting on Testosterone was ripped from my grasp and I’ve been forced to start over. This neko (ha, me) is working his furry butt off to overcome these things. Just a few hours ago I went to the cinema with my gram, we saw the second Independence day film. It was good! But, I was able to get myself to go since the cinema is tiny. Probably as big as a Wal-Mart or Target in your town or city. (*He laughs to himself*) What I’m getting at is, for the last few days I’ve been trying to go out. Do things, even of they’re small. They’re important. They make a difference. Eventually, I’ll work out this mess with getting my medical card fixed. Once that is done, I can find a new doctor and start the uphill hike again. One little pounce at a time. Anyways, was this a good first post? I know its long, may not even be interesting. Ya boy is just real good at rambling. …

Oyasumi. (*Pulls the covers up to his chin*) (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡

3 thoughts on “A T-Boy with cat ears? Huh?!”

  1. I think it’s great that you’re trying to do things, even small things, because as you said, they do make a difference! Especially since you’ve surpassed your depression–I know that must be hard. And I think your rambling is quite interesting, so, keep writing! Writing is a good way to just get everything out.

  2. I found your journaling to be very interesting. Keep on reading and writing and doing artistic things you enjoy. Let your heart love. Love is all genders and none. Divine love is from God. And it is unconditional. Learn about His love for you, and ask Him to help you love everyone and everything. Then life is better than you can imagine now. God bless you.

  3. This means a lot to hear, you guys! Like, a lot! Thankyou! I didn’t think I would get a response. I’m quite shy and don’t usually make my writing public. You both encouraged me to make this a frequent thing! Is the best way to communicate with other Authors through the comments? Will you even know I commented back? .. (*nervous face*) I’m new here, hah.

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