CHAPTER TWO: The very beginning

I guess my story can be a little hard to follow without knowing the background. So here we are right back in the beginning, a mere 9 or so years ago..

It was New Years Eve 2006. My cousin R and I had decided to go on a road trip. In all honesty, we had found out where her ex was going for New Years and decided to go also just to shake things up a bit… ok to cause a bit of trouble (please note they are now happily married so was the best thing we ever did!).

We headed out for our trip early morning my cousin at the wheel. I made myself comfortable in the passenger seat with a bag of jam donuts from the local bakery (where I happened to work at the time) and a slab of orange UDLs. By the time we arrived at our destination, a small country town by the river about a 3hr drive from Melbourne, I had had a fair amount of alcohol, to the point of actually falling out of the car when we parked at our small 2.5 star country Motel, Lovell’s.

It was a fairly hot day so we decided to have a swim in our Motels swimming pool before we headed off to find R’s friends, including her ex. Still to this day I don’t know how we didn’t drown since we had consumed most of the slab of UDL’s between us.
It was late afternoon by the time we showered and dressed and made out way down to the caravan park to join all the guys. As night fell our devious plan to make R’s ex uncomfortable and jealous started to work.
As always when I’ve been drinking I tend to go walkabout and go missing, this night wasn’t any different. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine meeting what would become the father of my future child. 

Walking (ok stumbling) through the caravan park, trying to find my way back to my cousin and her friends I came across three young guys. “I’m lost” I said. One of the young guys stepped forward “Where is it you are from?” he asked. “Melbourne” I replied. “Well I cant walk you back to Melbourne but I can walk you back to where you are staying.. My name is S” he said smiling. He was good looking and a smooth talker. I’m usually very careful with strangers, I’m not sure what it was about him but I instantly felt connected to him. He took my hand and we walked away. We walked for what seemed hours and talked about everything you could imagine two drunk kids in their early 20’s would talk about.
He kissed me under a large gumtree next to a row of cabins surrounded by families celebrating the new year. My heart was beating so fast and I had butterflies in my stomach. We were in our own little world and didn’t realise there were people watching us until they started applauding and wolf whistling. We wished them all a happy new year and continued walking. 
Finally we made it back to my motel. It was then I did something I normally wouldn’t, I asked him to come in. Never had I felt so instantly connected to someone.
After awhile we decided I’d better go back to find my cousin. Walking back down the main street he suddenly decided he’d do a nudie run, which I would learn was quite a common thing for him to do!

I left the next day but S wouldn’t leave it at that. Even though we lived 3hrs apart he thought we could give being together a shot. Two people in their early 20’s, 3hrs apart, had only spent one night together, why wouldn’t it work??? What could possibly go wrong?!?!?!

We dated for a month or so but we both quickly realised the distance was just too hard. He was a little bit younger than me also and I guess my expectations of what my boyfriend should do and be like were a little above where he was at at that point of his life. We were both jealous of whoever the other spent time with. Me of one of the girls who was just “one of the boys” who was clearly in love with S. He used to laugh when I would say “she’s sooo in love with you I can tell just by looking at her”. “I know, but she’s just one of the boys, I’d NEVER go there” he would say. Her name was L, and she would later become his wife. S was jealous of just about anyone I spent time with, especially my boss who I had previously dated. What could I do? We worked together.

So friends we became. It worked well for a long time. Whenever he was down my way he’d call and we would “catch up”, that was until he started dating L….


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  1. He obviously felt something for you but maybe the long distance romance was just too difficult. Sometimes distance does not make the heart grow fonder.

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