CHAPTER ONE: Confusion

I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve been so shocked and utterly confused in my whole 30 years walking this earth.

It was early evening on this particular Wednesday in May. I was watching Family Feud while trying to convince Miss A that that crumbed fish on her dinner plate was actually just like chicken and that she had had it before and liked it, a battle I didn’t win. She was watching YouTube on my Ipad, most likely Disney collector, or that Sandra lady playing with barbie dolls (if you have kids I’m sure you know who I mean lol), when I heard the familiar “ding” sound which indicated I had received a pm on Facebook. I laughed to myself thinking that’ll be my friend Sarah, she must have something interesting to tell me to message me during her nightly bedtime routine with her three little munchkins.
Much to my surprise it wasn’t Sarah, it was L, Miss A’s “fathers” (now) wife!

“Hey, is your daughters name A… dob **/**/2011?? If so I’m a little confused as to why S just received paper work for his permission to give his daughter a passport… I’m soooo confused. I thought nothing happened between the two of you? Now 5 years later we get this, is she S’s??”

What the actual fuck! Is this woman crazy? S had told her about our one night fling and that fact I was pregnant. I had received text messages from her asking me to send her a picture of my 12 week scan. Now she’s suddenly gotten amnesia and cant remember?? What the hell is going on!!

As I sit here and reflect back on the last 2 months I cant help but feeling so stupid and gullible those 5 long years ago, the night my beautiful girl was conceived..


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  1. That would make you upset. If she was told long ago now why is she acting like she just heard it for the first time. I bet that was a shock to you.

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