Day 132 – Angry at Pokemon GO

Thursday, July 7th 2016

Aww, I had to uninstall Pokemon GO because apparently, you can get banned if you installed the APK file when it’s not released in your area yet and on top of that, I don’t have a gyroscope, so I can’t take those funny pictures of Pokémon in real life. Oh, and forgot to mention that there’s nothing in my area—no Pokéspots or gyms, they’re all 30 mins away. *Sigh* I just wanted to catch ’em all.

Today was kind of all over the place. I played some video games, watched YouTube, wrote a little, joined my dad in the car to pick up my brother and mom for work so that I can play Pokémon GO, only to notice that you need internet for it to work… This is frustrating. At least I got to listen to my music and my mom said she’ll give me 25$ per week for one more shore per day since I didn’t get the job. That’s fine with me, just gotta learn how to do the laundry.

That’s all for today.

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