Feeling like a smug bastard

Currently feeling very smug. My family are in the middle of what they call a ‘discussion’ which I like to call arguments, over pathetic things may I add. 

I however, had already removed myself from the room yet I am disappointed that once upon a time I would be at the centre of these pathetic arguments screaming my head off only to end up locking myself in my room bursting into tears. 


Maybe I’m finally winning at life. Here’s hoping 🙂

********* P.S if anyone actually reads this? I’m a newbie. Are you able to see my email address on my profile? Haha, slightly paranoid my identity may be revealed. 

2 thoughts on “Feeling like a smug bastard”

  1. I don’t know how anyone can see your email. I wouldn’t know how. Welcome to Goodnight Journaling! Hope it helps.

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