It’s Blue.

Nothing is more frustrating than being blue, through and through, and having someone who doesn’t even know you or your hue try to tell you that you’re red.

Red, red, red, and they’ll shout it over you a thousand times again. As if you weren’t an expert on your own life, feelings, and experiences, this third party painter tries to paint you as a picture of the sunset and strawberries.

But you’re the ocean. You’re the sky. You’re two bluejays cuddled up against the backdrop of indigo bushes and blackberries. You can tell them until you’re blue in the face. And even that won’t be enough to convince them. As if you had to convince them. As if you owed them an explanation. As if your life has to be validated and approved by them first.

Then some fool comes around from the other side and says, “Nah, that’s yellow. Don’t you see it?” and it starts all over again.

Someone get my idiot stick, it’s time for some batting practice.

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