My Thursday in LA

Things are getting settled down. I started to feel pretty normal for everyday life here in LA. My work schedule hasn’t been changed much but I definitely got much more freedom. I gotta love this laid back culture in my new work.

My meeting for new wireframe went pretty good. I was able to find out the direction we want to go. It was not exactly what I was expected but made sense for me to take next step. I love that there are no definite answer to the design. So I will be as creative as possible on this project. However, I’m clear on the ultimate goal.

I ended up staying in the office little bit after 7 PM today. Personally don’t like staying late in the office thing since I believe right amount of free time to get rest makes you more productive at work but it was always fun to hang out with colleagues at work. Dosung came to pick me up at my work little bit after 7.

We went to Korean bar to have fried chicken and beer then the karaoke to see some old Korean song. Good time! I really enjoyed hanging out with him and talk about the future and old times. Back home around midnight then just took a shower. So ready to sleep now and I am ready for Friday today! goodnight all and have an amazing Friday!

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