now today, has been so delightful. After massive prayers and just speaking to God about where I need to go, he points me in the right direction without even knowing. 

I feel so overjoyed with the phone call I received this morning. It actually made me cry. Noing to lie, but i believe that was the first time i have ever cried from happiness. It felt so good. Just so right. Everything seems perfect. 

so because of this little “perfect”situation going on, I realize I really need to be on the lookout because I know something is going to happen. I don’t know what or when but you know how you can just feel it. Thats when it always happens. When everything in your life seems so lovely. 

you bounce back though. You learn to move forward. Through every obstacle there is a greater prize awaiting you on the other side. After every storm there’s a rainbow. I guess if you always see the good in the bad, things seem a lot less dark that way. 

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