I hate judging the efficiency of my study sessions on the basis of their length. Because that doesn’t factor in productivity and focus. 

But I am an obsessive planner and I like to keep track of things so I created an excel workbook and put in my time estimates for each topic in each paper (including multiple review sessions etc).

Each day when I map my to-do, I have to adjust a certain number of “my hours” in the schedule. 

I’m supposed to be doing 17.some each day. I know it sounds crazy but my syllabus is voluminous and I want to get everything  done perfectly, a little ahead of time and be able to solve mock papers to gear up for the psychological aspect of taking such difficult exams.

I had been struggling to get even 3-4 done lately because of the breakup but today I did 20! I am immensely proud of myself. 

And I did this while dealing with period cramps. 

Heading to bed now. Tomorrow, I’ll kick some more butt! 



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