What a Crazy Year.

I feel like this past year has been crazy for me, my life did a flip, I get iam still young. I just graduated University, split from my first long term boyfriend , went through my first heart- break, bought my first car and moved back in with my mum. Sounds alight huh? now  I am slowly trying to learn what life has in store for the single girl. Dating has been hard Ive had a few casual relationships and 1 night stands which I thought I avoided throughout University. I had the idea that I would get engaged after University, not decided I wanted to end the relationship. but its for the best. I’ve also had my first girls holiday. Which also means going through my first STI test.. scary when your not sharing that with your other half! 

As for my career,, I don’t even know if I want to continue working in what I spent soo much time and effort studying… nor were do I want to work. I had dreams of moving away, but now that reality has set I realise I need money first to do these things and so the job-hunting and finding myself has begun.. cheesy right. If only I could look into the future and see what it has in store for me.. maybe I’ll meet my own little prince charming.

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