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So why not give a little update on my life. I’m currently sitting in a beautiful out in The Great Smoky Mountains. I am sitting on my bed and I’m playing music and if I look up I see a beautiful mountain view and if I just so happen to want to go outside and write I have a massive porch and the river right in front of me. So my life is going pretty good right now. Yall might be wondering why I’m here instead of back in North Carolina and the answer to that is vacation. I came up here for two weeks and as soon as I get back home I leave again for another trip. It’s crazy in all honesty but very exciting and sleep depriving. I might talk about everything that is going on up here in just a little bit but I want to continue with a different subject.

Guys… I found a girl. Yes yes I said girl. My oh my is she beautiful. I don’t think I’m going to give a name until things go a little bit further but for now let’s just call her Lex. It’s kind of weird because we might through fighting. We got into a debate about something and from there we started talking and flirting and everything else and now we are here. It’s kind of weird but it isn’t very shocking for someone like me. I will also give future updates on this because why not. It’s my blog.

So I haven’t actually written anything in a while. I guess it seemed more like a job rather than a passion. Writing is a passion and I’m glad I took that little break because I feel like I would have started to hate writing if I continued to do it every single day. I still don’t know how often I’m going to write but I know for a fact that I’m not going to leave like I just did. In my last blog I mentioned I gave away too much information and I told too many people about this thing and a few days ago one of my old friends that wrote on here with me told me to create another account but not say who I am. The first thought that popped in my head and I was so eager to respond saying “how do you know I’m not already doing that?” but I knew I would be lying if I said that so I just didn’t respond. The answer to that would be this. I’m never going to stop using this account. I might leave for a little bit and take a break but every so often I will come back. I will write a new entry every so often so don’t worry if you think I’m just going to stop writing completely. I most defiantly miss putting in my headphones and listening to amazing music while I write into the ocean that we call the internet.

Tonight is my last night here and that sucks to say but I’m honestly ready to go home and see Lex before I leave. I miss my house and that’s kind of weird to say because I hated that place with so much passion. I’m only going to be home for one day but it still counts. Tonight I’m going out with some people to eat at a nice restaurant to commemorate the last night here. I need to pack all my things that I’ve received here so that will be fun. I hate packing and unpacking so bad but it needs to be done so I’m going to do it.

So yea, this was just a little update on me. Hopefully there will be another within a short period of time. I might write on my way home. It’s a pretty long drive so I should have plenty of time to write and sleep.

1 John 4:10- “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins”

Well, that is about all for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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  1. Yay! You stopped writing for a while and I started getting scared! I know what you mean; I write almost everyday in a notebook here at home and sometimes I don’t write because I honestly don’t have anything to say. Glad your life is going well!

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