Friday, 7/8/16, 10:31pm, Motel 6, Wichita, KS

Yesterday morning Belisia came over. She had the evaluation from dr. Medieval and gave me a list of counselors for Gabe.

After that, he and I rode bikes down to the Maria Bonita Food truck for lunch. When we came home I did all the laundry in the world. Then I went to the gym, meditated and worked out. 

Met Laura at Pig & Finch for dinner. It was great. Then we went downtown to Mercury and had a cocktail. I met her new fella and the other owner as well. We had a really good conversation, I really liked the place. 

Then she and I walked around downtown for a bit, and i took a call from Michelle M. 

Today I taught yoga to the CO2 ladies. Then I went to Uno and meditated. I met Kelly for lunch at roja and then We went fora walk. I came home and worked out and finished packing. Then I drove over to Kate’s and helped her load up the FJ. We went and dropped my car off at my folks and then went to her folks so they could say goodbye to Rosalind. We hit the road around 4:45, and Kate drove the whole way here! 



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