I need somebody’s help. I don’t have any friends, I’m alone so I don’t have anyone to ask to help me. 

I am in a relationship with a guy, for 9 months…I love him a lot, but somehow I don’t feel ready to sleep with him. He’s going to dumb me if I don’t accept because he says that we’ve been together for long and now it’s time and he’s fed up of waiting. Is he right and I’m wrong in this situation? Can someone help me pls?

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  1. Hello girl

    You are not wrong at all 🙂 only you can tell when you are ready to take that step. Is your decision and someone who truly loves you would understand that and respect your wish whether it is 9 months ( not that long) or 2 years is something that you shouldn’t feel pressure about or put down for. On the other hand, I recommend reconsidering your relationship with this person if he makes you feel bad and even threatens you with a breakup, honey he’s not worth it so don’t let him manipulate you let him leave, you can find someone better.

    Also you say that you are alone, if you need a friend I am here for you.

  2. Thanks a lot, it really means to me :)!
    I will keep your advice in my mind!!

  3. You are welcome 🙂 I hope is helpful

  4. Eva is right on. Please don’t let a boy who would threaten to “dump” you break your heart. That is not true love. If he truly loved you, he would do Anything and wait any length of time to have you in that way. Let him go! God has someone better for you!
    I’m here for you, too, if you need a friend, anytime.

  5. Thanks a lot dear! 🙂
    you too were really helpful xx

  6. Ok if this guy wants to force you into sleeping with him, then he’s definetly not the guy for you. Take it from a former rape victim, I know what it’s like to be forced into things when your not ready. If he can’t accept that you need some more time before your ready, then he isn’t worthy of you and your beautiful self!

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