Job, school, & Master

So Thursday night was my last night at work. I didn’t want to quit but I was advised by my doctor it would be the best thing for me. As it is because of my job I will be seeing a spine doctor to address the issues I have already had plus the new issues that have risen. I really didn’t want to quit but know that my health is more important.

I’ve also started my classes this week, yay! Most of the time I am motivated to do my assignments and readings since I really do like school. But today I haven’t had the motivation, that is until Master decided to give me some. I have to say it worked! Lol! He gave me two options, school or to be plugged (then eventually use my rope beads he made me make). I of course chose school lol, wasn’t wanting to deal with the other option. 

Decided to take a break and write in my journal (something I am required to do daily and I admit I haven’t been doing). Master has been kind to let me rest the past couple days, I have a feeling he is gearing up to use me hard soon. I am grateful for the resting period but also feel kinda lost without him. I get to talk to him daily, some days more than others, but not having any tasks or commands to follow I feel empty at times. I yearn and ache to feel his presence, to know he is with me, that I am pleasing him. 

I’m sure I could as for a task or to be ordered to do something but I’d rather it come him. I don’t want to ask, I want to be told. It’s good that I don’t have to do anything today, makes it easier to concentrate on school. In fact I better get back to school before Master punishes me for slacking off lol.

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