Let the good times roll

This morning I am about as red as a lobster. My shoulders hurt the most. It’s not the worst sunburn I’ve ever had, but it is definitely sensitive.

We, as a family, had an epic day yesterday. The Man and I took the kids to Carowinds (it’s an amusement park partly in South Carolina and in North Carolina). It took us about an hour and a half to get there (2 hours if you count the traffic jam caused by a 4 car pile up). It rained on and off during the drive up, but once we pulled into the parking lot it didn’t rain again.

My 3 kids are older. They like thrill rides. They are rollercoaster hounds. Must take after me. When I was a teenager I made it a mission to go on as many as humanly possible. Now I find myself standing in lines while my kids eagerly prepare for their next intense ride. Up til yesterday I let my three some “drag” me on every coaster they’ve ever been on.

It’s official. I’m getting old. Maybe it was the intense sun, maybe it was the heat. Whatever it was, at the end of the day I was sore in ways I couldn’t even describe. My stomach was angry combination of nauseous and hungry. I was guzzling water, but it wasn’t enough. I had a weird head ache. At some parts in the day I found myself sitting on a shady bench while the kids waited in line without me… or The Man. He must of known I wasn’t feeling so hot. It takes a lot for me to skip a coaster.

It was a great day no matter how you slice it. Today I will be nursing my sunburn.

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  1. So glad you had a wonderful day with your family! I’ve been to Carowinds, it is fun!
    And easy to get sick on the rides. Did you ride the white water rafting ride? I got drenched on that one. Hope your sunburn heals very quickly!

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