CHAPTER THREE: One Summer Night

I’ve never thought about this night as much as I have the past two months. Was there signs of his lies? Did I just believe because I wanted to believe?

It was a warm summer night in February. My friend AP and I had decided to go out just like every other Saturday night that summer. This particular night we had decided to go out to a bar in the city. We had a few drinks, talked to a few people but weren’t really feeling it so decided to head home just after midnight.

I had just gotten changed and jumped into bed when my phone started ringing. It was S. Before I had a chance to pick up, he hung up. Why on earth is S pranking my phone at 1am was my first thought. He then sent me a text “You awake?”. Really?? You just called my phone then sent me a text, if I wasn’t already awake I sure would be now!

We exchanged quite a few texts where he revealed he was in a neighbouring city for a wedding only about 30 minutes away. He asked me to come and see him and revealed that him and L had broken up over a week ago.  At this point I sat there wanting to go but really couldn’t be bothered driving 30 minutes especially when I had been drinking. S apologised for bothering me and said goodnight.
Now I bet he wishes he left it at that but he didn’t. He left it a whole 5 minutes then basically begged me to come see him. I knew he was drunk and S tends to get himself into trouble when he’s had a few too many drinks. I’d like to say I only went out of concern for him, but truth be told I was excited to see him.

I quickly put on my watermelon coloured lace dress I had been wearing that night, grabbed my purse and left. While I drove the 30 minutes to see him he kept sending me texts, ones of the kind that make you blush but get you excited at the same time.
Luckily I know the city he was in a little because his directions to where he was waiting for me were that of a child when you ask where they have hidden their other shoe, a lot of I don’t know, maybe go left, and I’m near the petrol station (mind you there are at least 5 of them in that particular area).
I found him walking down the road aimlessly and as soon as I pulled over I saw that smile, that sexy, very cocky smile.

We drove around for a bit and chatted. We finally turned down a secluded road (basically all roads were at this point as it was almost 3am) where we pulled over and jumped into the back seat. I obviously don’t have to explain what happened I think that’s quite clear. I will however add as it was quite a warm night/morning we had the door open, and quite frankly those of you who have had sex in the backseat of a smallish car would know it can be quite difficult and cramped. We however didn’t realise we had parked right next to a nest of mosquitoes! Two naked bodies and thousands of mozzies does not turn out well! We had bites all over us, S even had them on his “bits” LOL. We thought it was pretty funny, not realising how many bites we would actually have on us.

After we got dressed and jumped back into the car and chatted again for a while. The sun was about to come up so I drove him back to where he was staying, an old house in the suburbs. I would find out five years later his fiancé L was inside sleeping.

As I drove home as the sun was rising,  never did I ever consider how much this one night would utterly change my life. And that in 9 months time the best thing that would ever happen to me would come into my life.

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  1. I’ve always said that everything happens for a reason. You were meant to have this beautiful girl in your life. She has brought you so much joy. That one night was might have ended badly when it came to having him in your life but you had a much more beautiful gift, your daughter.

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