Day 134 – Pixelmon

Saturday, July 9th 2016

To remain sane while waiting for Pokemon GO, I have started playing Pixelmon (Minecraft Pokemon mod). After tweeting something about going insane and throwing a Pokeball at whoever I saw had the APK version and getting a lot of RTs and likes for it (which I usually never get), and after seeing the Pixelmon launcher on my desktop that I thought I had uninstalled after getting annoyed by how it wouldn’t work properly, I decided to give it a try. After endless searching of how to fix my sudden frame drop rate every few seconds, I found one possibility is that you don’t have enough RAM located to your Minecraft. I then decided to bump that up, but to no avail. Eventually, in the launcher settings, I found a different sort of RAM bar and tried to raise that, but it wouldn’t budge. I then saw a red error triangle next to it and decided to click on it. It told me that apparently I had Java 32 instead of 64 and I have a 64-bit computer. I kept trying to download the 64 one, but I was downloading the wrong one (32) and eventually asked my brother for help, which he showed me the right one and finally, the game worked properly. I decided to find a new server with less people (I feel more comfortable and welcomed when it’s a small community and if I ever wanted to become a staff member, it’s easier to get recognized, but that’s not my goal right now) and after a couple of hours of browsing, I came across one with one person online. I joined, and apparently that brought on quite a few other people to the server, because they might have saw that there was more people online than originally. At first I didn’t like it, there was too many flaws and things to keep track of (which was after an hour of searching; came back after the 2 hours), but I came back and decided I liked this one the best and forgave it for its flaws, cause it’s still new. The people were friendly and someone needed people in their town. He or she was in a snow desert biome, which I wasn’t a fan of at first, but after starting my build, I’ve started to like the place. The server reminds me of an old one where I’d play Pixelmon on. I was the water gym leader and a moderator. I was probably thirteen. I miss it, but I bet I was pretty embarrassing back then.

I should have worked on some Japanese and art, and now I’m just finding more distractions for myself, but at least it’s a distraction that brought me to a community with good people (for the most part) and with an owner that has this awesome name, and a moderator that seems to have a tragic past in the Navy. It’s very interesting and fun.

That’s all for today.

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  1. I hope you can make it until Pokemon GO is released where you are! Considering how there are so many memes about it circulating on the internet already lol. I bet you’ll have fun with it even though you said in a previous journal that there aren’t many interesting places near you.

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