My Saturday journal

You probably noticed already if you read couple of my journals from past that there are nothing special. I just wrote things I did that day and sometimes share my thoughts on things. That’s good enough to me. I just want to have a moment to look back the day and think about it for little bit for the better tomorrow 🙂

Today, I got a new pair of skate that I have been looking around for months. It was right there right in front of my eyes at the trade show at Skate House and I couldn’t resist. Paid $340 for the pair. I could of got a better deal but overall I’m happy about the purchase. I can go much faster on these and it feels good so far. I need to bring it out to the trail by the ocean and skate entire 20+ miles! Can’t wait 🙂

I spent pretty much all day at the Skate House. Buying a new skate, watching aggressive skaters go crazy, and talk to other skaters. A great place and a great time! I also stopped by at the Korean grocery market that I used to go when I lived here about 4 years ago. It’s funny to see literally nothing changed there. Ended up having lunch and dinner there.

Drove back to home, took a shower and doing laundry while I’m writing this and looking around internet. 10:51 PM now, no plans for rest of the night. I guess I will go to church tomorrow with Chandler for the first time in LA from when I moved here. Kind of feel excited and relieved. Hopefully this one will work out.

Goodnight 🙂

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