New Run Down Hell House

(Please note this is not a real entry journal. This is actually a story I decided to do. Kind of like living in the life of someone else. Any images are not mine I will upload them from probably google. So if you want to read this story I will be posting an entry hopefully everyday. I’ll try to anyway. Any complaints let me know in the comments. Please also know the character is not real but I will try to make her alive for you as much as possible. I set up an email for this character so if you want to have a conversation with her you can. The email is This is where I will act as her and live her life as if I really was this person. Enjoy!) 

The house was worse then I thought it was. I don’t exactly know why my mother thought it was a good idea to move us into a run down house and to a new town. She believes a fresh start will pull the family together again. She is probably wrong. Then again throwing a fit won’t fix anything either. She might be right. After all it’s better then going through another day of people asking if you’re okay. Of course they don’t ask because they care. They just want to seem like they do or to be nosy. 

You see my father was killed in a car crash about four months ago. I can remember it like it was just a couple minutes ago. My sister Sky and I were in the living room enjoying a big ass bowl of popcorn and teen screams horror movies. It was getting late and our father should have been home by then. Just then the doorbell rang. My mother answered it and in a desperate attempt to be nosy we turned down the volume on the TV. Of course we couldn’t hear anything but the deep voice of the man. I got up from my spot on the couch to look out the window but before I pulled the curtains back I noticed the flashing red and blue lights. That’s when I knew. I heard our mom burst into tears and my sister soon after her. We were informed our dad was on his way home from a long day of work when a drunk driver went into his lane. He died instantly from the impact. Everything changed that night. 

Mom never left her room unless it was to eat. My sister and I never talked unless it was to fight about something. That was up until a week ago. I came back home from the mall to see mom at the stove cooking supper. She was dancing to the music like she used to when dad was alive. I asked her what had her in such a good mood and that’s when she told me we got the house. I was confused. What house? What was she talking about? Then she told me. She bought a house in a smaller town a few hours from ours. It was a little run down and needed some work but it was perfect for us to start over. At first I was so angry that she never told me she was planning on moving so far away but then I got to thinking that maybe it wasn’t a bad idea. 

The truth is I want so badly to be close to my sister again. Like we were when our father was still alive. If this old house will do that….this new town then i’m all for it. We packed and moved everything in yesterday. 

Last night I thought I heard something scratching on the wall in the corner of my room. When I asked mom about it she said it was probably animals in the wall. Don’t get me wrong she was probably right but there is something about this house that doesn’t feel right. When I went down to get a drink of water I felt like someone was watching me. It could be the new house being so big and old but I don’t know. I thought someone came up the stairs after me just a few minutes ago when I came up here to write my very first online journal entry. 

Maybe I am just over thinking things but a part of me says I’m not. I think I’m going to go around this small little town tomorrow and check out the locals. Maybe get to know this house a little better. Someone has to know more about it considering it is a small enough town. Anyway time to unpack some more and find a new charger for my phone. I could have sworn my phone was charged but for some reason it won’t turn on. Stupid things. I’ll keep you guys updated on my new life. Maybe it won’t be so boring. 



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