Opening up

Is it really sad this writing this diary is the only way I can open up even to myself about how I feel? I feel this is the only way I can reflect and deal with some of my anxieties. How am I ever going to manage a relationship if I can’t tell a guy how I am feeling. I can’t talk about things. This is the breakdown in most of my relationships I just back of and run away with out talking things out , well because before it has always ended in anger and shouting. I even find it hard to manage friendships. I always have a guard up. With girls there is so much gossiping, if you tell someone 1 thing before you know it is has spread to about 10 people. 


4 thoughts on “Opening up”

  1. This is a good place to journal. Welcome. I hope you find it very helpful.

  2. It just means that at the moment within yourself , you’re learning how to express through this portal in life and theirs nothing wrong with that. You’ll learn the other ways as time progreses and life moves along accordingly.

  3. It isn’t sad at all. This is why I started a journal here also. Its a place where your feelings can flow out, a place where you can be yourself and tell the truth with no judgement. xx

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