Day 135 – Need sleep

Sunday, July 10th 2016

Quick, I must finish this to get the maximum amount of sleep cause I have to wake early tomorrow (6:40) for my doctor’s appointment and it’s already 11:20.

Today I went to church. There were native American people talking about bringing the gospel to their tribes, which was different than usual, but I found it hard to concentrate. I always enjoy going to church, because I’m reminded about all the people around me have the same beliefs, are also Christian and that are singing for God. It’s a heart warming feeling.

Other than that, I played some more Pixelmon and found out one of the people online is becoming an author! That’s awesome. He’s the only friend I made on there so far, but I bet that’s because he’s pretty welcoming and willing to help anyone. I’m thinking of applying for mod, but not sure.

That’s all for today.

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