Hiding Behind Smiles.

My Best Friend has officially moved back, and I was so happy until she told me the reasoning behind it all. So heres a little brief background history …We met during the start of high school and clicked straight away we had the same humour, same level of intelligence and we we always in trouble together. This grew into a beautiful friendship. Near the end of high school though she had to move away due to one of her parents getting a job on the other side of the country. So the day came when she had to leave. We cried our eyes out, said our good byes and promised to stay in contact. We did the best we could to stay best friends including countless hours of skyping sessions, book worthy texting and even visiting each other when we could find funds. 
But of course as time goes on life happens and things started to get busy, we both were studying and working, which left us talking less and less until it got to the point of contacting each other monthly rather than daily. Nevertheless our friendship was so deep that we knew even though we won’t talking as much we would always be best friends and we understood that each of us were busy.

But today She is finally back, in the same state,  for good, so this morning we finally reunited face to face and caught up and when i say caught up i mean caught up. Both her and I have a habit of not wanting to worry each other so when we ask “how are you going?” the answer is never fully detailed its only a quarter of how we actually feel but today it was finally time to vent and let it all out because we need it or we were going to explode.

She began with very vague details of her moving back, and as a best friend i had to ask the questions to connect the dots. Turns out her parents might be getting a divorce. All this time i thought they had the perfect relationship, always smiling and laughing together, those small intimate touches and even the simple random kisses but it was all a mirage. 

Turns out her mum began a romantic relationship on the side, although she hadn’t physically done anything it was enough for her husband to threaten her, which then resulted them trying to work it out but finding there was no solution and separation was only the answer. Im not sure what the hell to say or do even, as the oldest of the kids she’s had to step up and be the adult, its just sucks so bad, i wish i could make it all better. No one wants to see their parents spilt let alone have to live on the other side of the country, away from each other. I’ve told her I’m here for her and my house is her house, and anytime she needs me, I’m here. But we’re so alike that i know if she’s ever hurting she won’t seek me. Why does this happen to the best of people?


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