Lack of the Mac

Whoever said we can live without technology was an idiot. Okay, no one probably said that. And if they did, it’s highly likely it was a tweet (or something I don’t know, I rant oKAy) wait what. 

Yes, well, technology (as much as I hate haaaate to admit) is absolutely essential now. I’ve officially spent 5 days without my macbook (not by choice, mind you. These things die sometimes. Fickle bastards) and honestly it couldn’t be worse. Yes I hear you mean-ass voice-of-ma-mind, I’m being a vaguely spoilt brat. Hey now don’t you dare raise the eyebrow, Inner-me, don’t you d- OH COME ON. Okay I get it, Trump hasn’t won (yet) and I’m not a child bride so all in all, a dead mac? Not actually the worst. (Holy gallifreyan potatoes, being self-aware is work)

Now that I’ve acknowledged that it’s possible I’m just ranting about a moderately stressful situation, I will proceed with said rant. Because it is good to embrace all facets of thyself. Including the whiny bitch facet. Uhuh it’s a thing man, super legit. So in the past 5 days, I’ve learnt that navigating the school site on your phone can sometimes be harder than defusing bombs, application deadlines are sneaky shizzles and like to catch you when you’re least prepared, and your chemistry booklets sometimes mysteriously disappear? (Okay that last one wasn’t due to the lack of a mac but still. Weeeiird?)

Other than that, life is just peachy. Mostly because without my Mac I have this strong and unshakeable will to just sort of, stone. All day errday. So that is great. 

Ohshit my mean ass inner voice is kind of rising again (really I feel like I deserve some extra control over my mind’s voices. I mean all I ask is that they respect my ranting space). Guess I shall end this rant here before I feel like a #firstworld privileged airhead again. 

2 thoughts on “Lack of the Mac”

  1. I don’t know if you meant it to be, but this was actually very funny. Especially the “holy gallifreyan potatoes“ part–and the “Trump hasn’t won (yet)” part before that.

  2. Thank you, that made my day ♥ and I’m rather fond of the gallifreyan potatoes bit myself (although according to my friends it can get old after the first 50 times of me saying it xD)

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