I still have yet to discover what can make a person so conceited that they believe they have the right to personally judge someone and execute them based on their personal feelings. Seriously. It’s a huge mystery to me. It’s like saying “Only my thoughts and opinions are valid. Only my life is valid. My reasoning is sound and there for I can kill you based on my own beliefs and logic.” We play gods when we judge. Let’s face it – we are so far removed from divine it’s borderline comical.

Of course I’m talking about the 2 latest police shootings. The whole situation thoroughly disgusts me. I watched the videos and I can not fathom a reason so threatening that these men deserved to die. I can not. It’s beyond me.

Is this what *D* meant when he said I’d “never be able to experience life as a black Man?” I’m guessing this is part of it. In the last year I’ve been pulled over ONCE. Actually, it was The Man who got pulled over. I was sitting shot gun. Despite going 55 mph in a 35 mph zone AND not having the Jeep’s registration or proof of insurance with us (I accidentally left it in the Mustang’s glove box) we got off scott free. No ticket, no fines, no scolding, nothing. In fact that officer was extremely polite, friendly, and professional. If The Man had black skin instead of white would we be paying off a ticket right now? Would we know what it’s like to be at the business end of a gun barrel?

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be fearful of police. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be near our men in blue and worry for my life. Are these prejudices that come from experience on the job? Does this happen because they too are scared.

I see the need for guns, even though I hate them. I don’t think they should solely be in the hands of our military and police force. In “my world” I think stricter gun control laws are very necessary to protect the sacrament of life. I would arm normal officers with stun guns instead of lethal ones. Only when guns are already in the picture would a lethal, armed swat team be called in to use deadly force. I see less danger in ordinary traffic cops being unarmed. I guess that’s just me.

2 thoughts on “#LivesMatter”

  1. It gets complex. Yes all lives matter including police lives. Certainly the shooting in Baton Rouge it appears that the man was down and no threat. The second one in the car, we don’t see enough to judge. I know I heard the officer screaming I told you to keep your hands up. Any time you are armed, you follow the officers instructions exactly and you NEVER move your hand toward your weapon, EVER. We cannot know had the officer not shot him that the armed man would not have shot the officer. And our officers have to be armed with more than tazers because the our citizens are armed. Both of the men shot were armed. And then Dallas, Oh my goodness…so very sad.
    Honestly I am tired of all of it most of us are…weary. I’ve given myself a week off this week from all news and all politics. The only homicides I’m going to pay attention to are the ones I have to type up daily.
    Peace my friend. I agree with your perspective. As to me…I just want to retire and crochet, bake bread, paint, read and love on my family and friends! Go into granny hiding! Hugs

  2. I agree. It’s such a broad spectrum crisis and no matter which solution you pick, it only fixes a small portion of the issue. It’s days like these I’m infuriated that Smith and Wesson have the patent for finger scan locks vaulted away. ((Hugs))

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