Sunday, 7/10/16, Monahans Sandhills

I’m sitting here on the air mattress, under a thousand stars and the moon in the middle of giant rolling hills of sand in West Texas. I’m inside Kate’s tent, but two of the side walls are just screen, so you can see everything. I can hear the traffic of I-20, about a mile south of us and I see the light of the bathhouse, about fifty yards away. There are four cars parked at the bathhouse, but all the surrounding campsites are empty. It’s hot ; still feels about eighty. But there’s a lovely breeze whipping around the tent.

Kate and Rosalind dropped me at the whole foods in Plano this morning. I ate breakfast and walked to a yoga studio nearby. I paid, changed, and went into the yoga room and discovered it was sweltering hot. I got a quick refund, and continued walking south. I found a cool restaurant called coffee house cafe that was groovy, but it didn’t haven’t natural light and there was super bright track lighting shining right in my face the whole time. But busy. Soooooooo busy. They happened to haves gluten free pancakes on the menu so guess what i ate. I continued walking to there place where my hammock class would be. Got there early and chit chatted with singer of the staff. Another extremely warm room, which was strange because it wasn’t like that in December. The instructor taught a bunch of tricks I have been trying to learn so it was well worth my time. 

I got a text from Kate that she was still in there parent meeting at Duke Tip, so I wandered up the road to a Mexican roadhouse restaurant that played mostly sad bastard country music. Then I walked around the plaza while I waited for Kate. Soon we were on the road. 

Monahans Sandhills state park was nearly impossible to find. But we made it, and address going to sleep now.


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