Sunday night

I remember that I used to get depressed on Sunday night by staying home myself and just watching TV and stuffs. It went away when I start hanging out with friends in Chicago on Sunday night. Watching Game of Throne, The Walking Dead and so on. It was always fun on Sunday for past 3 years. Now I moved to LA and don’t really have much to do on Sunday night. Miss my friends back in Chicago but I will find some productive things to do on Sunday night soon! Well, can’t wait to see where will I end up.

Today, I finally found a church in North Hollywood. Chandler actually found me and told me about it but we went there together today for 11 AM service. It is not a presbyterian church but I liked it and want to go next week too. Although I am definitely not a hardcore christian, I fell very relieved to be in the church today. I’m glad we went there today. I hang out with him for couple hours after the church. Lunch and snacking at Whole food in Studio City.

Back home and took a short nap before I get out for LIT workout thing in The Grove. It was fun but harder than I expected. Good 40 mins there and skating back to home. This made me wanna sign up the gym as soon as possible before I get out of shape.

7:36 PM right now. I had a short chat with Anton and it got me thinking little bit. Seems like they are going to move to San Francisco. Hope all work out good for them! I have been always thinking to improve things on but I haven’t really put all my effort to actually make it happen. The chat with Anton made me realize that there might be an way to make all these work. I don’t know if I thought about this before but I think it’s worth try. I think I will look into what I can do with this matter.

Although I’m little bored on Sunday night, it was a great weekend. Hope your was great as well!

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