a door…

From your beautiful eyes, I created a sky,

With the gentle love that you have given me

I made sparkling and whispering stars,

To brighten my night… dreams you’ve promised me…

From the tender touch of your honey-sweet lips,

I created a bed and laid down in it gladly

It will sway me to sleep when I’m silent and lonely …

With the sweetness, shared gladly between us,

I will cover my soul, like a comforting blanket,

sweet surrender…. My love…

From your kind words of courage, I will make me an altar –

To whisper a prayer, living hopes for my dreams.

Even though you’re so far, how I wish you could be

My precious gift and my blessing till the end of it…

From my heart, just for you, I created a door,

open wide… Darling, know! that you’re wanted.

Maybe one quiet day, filled with promise and joy,

You will come running through it – to be by me…




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