As the sun shines

Life so far this week has been good. It usually is. I remember 2 years ago how I fought tooth and nail, kicking and screaming that I NEEDED STABILITY AND SECURITY. Even back then I knew it was the only way to shake my anxiety. I have both of those now and low and behold depression and paranoia have gone bub-bye.

I just spent the last week on vacation. I don’t have to work until tomorrow. Even then it’s a small mid day shift, so whatever. Easy peasey. Not really looking forward to going back. I’m fairly indifferent.

DeeDee just started summer PE. She opted for this so that she didn’t have to waste a block of her schedule on gym once school starts. Deedee HATES gym. It’s by far her worst subject. If I play baseball, frisbee, or soccer outside with Bobo or Snoochie, Deedee never ever joins us. Never the less she’s been getting up at 6:30 am, showering, scarfing down breakfast, and slathering herself in sunscreen so that I can drop her off at the high school at 8:00. I’m fairly certain that because she’s taking summer PE she won’t have to take gym for the rest of her high school career.

My ring (my anniversary present) came in the mail this week. It’s a set – engagement ring and a wedding band. The ring is actually too detailed to wear all the time. It’s edges dig into my surrounding fingers. I wear it on a necklace instead of my hand. I like the band though. I’ve finally gotten use to it.

Deedee is getting concerned about Jake. I know we joke about how we all want a fat cat, but really we just want the fur babies to be healthy. It seems that in our efforts to make sure Toothless is eating, we have over indulged the other 3 cats, mainly Jake. He’s huge! I hate to say it, but it’d be a lot easier to put him on a diet once… Toothless isn’t here. In the mean time we’ve cut down on the amount of food they get in the kitchen (Toothless’s bowl will remain full at all times). I also told Deedee we should encourage Jake to play for at least 30 minute every day (so he is technically exercising). It’s a start. I really hate to think of Jake getting diabetes.

Snoochie and Bobo have been fighting a lot. They drive me nuts. Snoochie instigates things until Bobo blows up. Then when I reprimand Snoochie she falls to pieces and cries uncontrollably. I can’t seem to find middle ground. It’s stressful. I’m guessing this problem will resolve itself once school starts. 

I guess that’s all on the home front. Nothing very interesting, but at the same time, nothing soul crushing, so that’s a win for me. It’s a beautiful morning. The sun is so bright, but the heat isn’t in full swing yet. My window is open. Tyrion is sitting on the sill bird watching. I’ve got coffee next to me. Life is very good.

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