beautiful thief

I stole from you
I stole a smile that only you should know
I stole a kiss
A hug
A sparkle in my eyes
A sweet surrender to your will…
I stole so much from you
And you just let me do …
All you ever wanted is to see me glow!
“Whatever makes you happy, baby!”
Always; Your response ….

You never knew
And yet you know
You never saw
And yet you see the aching in my eyes
You never felt
And yet you feel
How much I stole from you
You know.

I cannot take them back
I gave them all away
They’re smoke on the waters
They’re fire in the skies
They’re tears in the oceans
They’re missing grains of time

But… Since
You’re still gifted with the gift of life
And so am I –
Thank God!
Thus, I will use every new day we wake
To birth from within me –
(the deepest of I am)
A brand new smile on your lips
Butterfly kisses for your eyes
Teddy-beer hugs and cushily snuggles
You’ve missed them… for so long
I know!!

I want to see your lips reflect my smile
I want to make you glow
I want to hear you moan
Under my gentle fingers…. slow
I want to make you breathe in “happy”
and breathe out “happy”
even more…

Lord, give me those stolen moments back!
Let me pay him back with more…
My Love
Forever yours


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