Fun in the office

Yes, I still prefer Friday than Monday but things are not quite bad at all even on Monday. It’s actually fun to be around at the office with my colleagues and work on the projects I care with responsibility. I’m glad I ended up here at the moment of my life. Although we all want something better and don’t really know about the future, I think I’m pretty satisfied what I have now at the moment.

Time went by so fast today. I wanted to get more things done but couldn’t quite get to the point where I wanted to be. However, I made enough progress for me to pick it up tomorrow. Got bunch of HTML email projects done and working on second version of dashboard mock up. It’s looking good so far! just can’t wait to see the final result.

The first commuting with my new 125mm skate! It was fun but it didn’t really make my commuting any shorter than 80mm skate lol I might go back to 80s for commuting but I want to break this in first before I go to NYC next month.

Got home around 7:30 PM and drove to Long beach to pick up the torx wrench that I didn’t get when I buy my skate. It took over 2 hours to get back to home from Long beach. Mike came 20 mins late and I had to have a dinner there. Got a beef bowl at Yoshinoya where I used to quite often before when I lived here. Got me thinking about the old times. Drove right back home and shower. 11:58 PM now and I’m so ready to go to bed.

Goodnight all!



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